September 7, 2010 |

Multi Website Startup with Internet Explorer

Like me you probably have a bit of a routine when it comes to browsing the Internet. I go to the same sites most days to check out news, gossip and various blogs.  And  this Internet Explorer 8 trick appeals makes this very easy. Follow these steps so that when you start Internet Explorer 8, all of your ‘pet’ websites  come up in their own tabs!

  1. Open Internet Explorer 8
  2. Tools Menu.
  3. Choose Internet Options.Make sure the General tab is selected
  4. Under Home Page type in the addresses of the sites you want to open up when you start IE, separating each one with an enter.
  5. click ok when finished and then close Internet Explorer. 

The next time you open IE, each chosen website is automatically opened in a new tab – how good is that!