February 8, 2018 |

The Unrollme App for unsubscribing from mailing lists

I recently came across app  called Unrollme,  which helps manage subscription emails and facilitates unsubscribing from mailing lists you are no longer interested in or forgot subscribing to (that’s me!).


This app will also roll up all subscription emails so you get them all in one daily email or as digest.


Of course please do your own due diligence, as for this to work you need to give the app permission to read, send, delete and manage your email. I tried it on my Google account and it worked a treat, but I wasn’t comfortable giving the app those privileges on my primary account – much as I’d like to get rid of the pesky subscription emails!


Find it at https://unrollme or do a Google search for it and read some reviews.


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March 14, 2012 |

Managing your Email Time

I receive so much email a day that it’s basically just read, delete, read, file, read, delete, read, delete.  Sometimes I don’t even open it and after a while  its been too long to reply, so I either   file it away or delete and pretend I never got it.

Does this sound familiar?  Thanks to a world-wide adoption of email by businesses and individuals, this is the sort of problem that ordinary people are facing everyday.   Up until a few years ago, most of us did not have the added pressure of having to deal with incoming email on a continual basis during our work day, or of having to check it from home and could simply get on with our daily tasks.

Time management is about finding a way of using your time efficiently and in a way that suits both your personal preferences and the requirements of your role. Here are some tips that may help you use Microsoft Outlook to help manage your time.  Some of these suggestions may work for you, others may not, so feel free to pick and choose.

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December 22, 2011 |

All About Outlook Contacts

The Contacts section of Microsoft Outlook is where you keep names and email addresses of people with whom you deal  on a regular basis.  Normally these are people who are external to your Organisation.

The Contacts can be used for much more than just names and email addresses.  It is possible to keep company addresses and phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, and any other pertinent information.  You can also choose how to display your Contacts so that it completely relevant for your purposes. Read more…

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November 1, 2011 |

Flagging in Microsoft Outlook



Thanks once again to the lovely Barbara Stapleton for this great little handout on working with flags in Microsoft Outlook.  Show some love if you like this and it was of benefit, and at least leave a small comment!   Read it here…. Flagging Messages in Outlook.

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March 30, 2011 |

Can’t beat the feeling of a clean Inbox…

If you are like me, and  loathe to simply delete old emails – you know – ‘in case’ you might need them later then why not try this: my solution is that every other month or so (or when the Inbox looks full and annoying), I create a new folder and call it ‘old stuff – insert relevant date) and then drag the contents of my Inbox over there.  This gives me a lovely, fresh, pristine Inbox without immediately deleting all the emails – and nothing beats that empty Inbox feeling!!In around a month or two I will check back on that folder and if I haven’t touched anything there (because it wasn’t really that important), then I simply delete emails with gay abandon.  Try it….you might like it :-)

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