May 20, 2011 |

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve been been putting these up randomly on my FB page, but now I think it is time to make a proper list of them! Not everybody *loves* using the keyboard, but sometimes it is just quicker to leave your hands on the keyboard rather than groping around for the mouse – and you never know the day might come when yours gives up and there isn’t a spare one handy!

  1. F4 – Displays a list of addresses you’ve previously typed

  2. F5 – Refresh or reload the current page

  3. Ctrl and +(plus sign) – Zoom in a webpage

  4. Ctrl  and  – (minus sign) – Zoom out in a webpage

  5. Ctrl + O–  Open a webpage

  6. Ctrl + S – Save a web page for offline viewing

  7. Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Move back through tabs

  8. Ctrl + Tab – Move forward through tabs.

  9. Ctrl + T – Opens a new browser tab

  10. Ctrl +W – Closes the current browser tab.

  11. Ctrl + K – Copies the current browser tab and opens it

  12. Ctrl + N – Open a new Internet Explorer window.

  13. Ctrl+Shift+P –Open an InPrivate Browsing window 

  14.  Ctrl+B – Open the Organize Favorites dialog box 

  15.  Ctrl+H – Open the Favorites Center and display your history

  16. Ctrl+Shift+Del- Delete browsing history

April 28, 2011 |

Copying Web Links

Have you ever visited a web site that you just loved and you knew you had to share it with someone else? Or maybe the site had a picture or a video you knew someone else would like to see. Either way, there are a couple of easy ways you can do this.

First, you can just do a simple copy and paste. Go up to the address bar in your Web browser, highlight the link, right click on it and choose Copy. Then go to your e-mail program and open up a brand new message box. Place your cursor in there, right click again and click on Paste.

The Web link will then appear in the e-mail. You can then write a little message to your friend and tell them to click on the link to see the site. If you want to paste the link in another program (like Word, for instance), just do the same exact thing.

Now, if you are on a site and you see a link on it that you want to share, right click it and choose Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Location. You can then go and paste that link in an email or wherever you’d like as explained above.

This method also works if a picture/photo on a website  has a link included – you can right click it and choose the same options and then simply go and paste it say into an email and everyone you send it to will be able to see the image.

March 27, 2011 |

Lost menus and toolbars in Internet Explorer

I have accidently put myself into full screen mode in Internet Explorer so many times that I should have figured out which pesky key I was accidently hitting to do  this.  After it happened to my friend Barb, we decided we needed an answer – rather than floating the mouse in the top right corner of the screen and eventually getting it back!

So thanks to Barb doing some research, the answer is the F11 key!

If you press F11 you cause Internet Explorer to display as a full screen.  This means no Task bar, no Title bar, no Menu bar, no Toolbar, no Tabs for the different Internet screens.

To return your screen to normal, press F11 again. If you point at the top of the screen whilst in full screen some of the hidden elements are visible until you move your pointer back down the screen, so that was the way I’d been getting out of it earlier (just by stumbling up there!)

November 21, 2010 |

Making Internet Addresses Smaller

Some Internet addresses are quite long and when you paste them into a document or an email may even ‘break’ as they go across more than one line.  The elegant way to deal with this is to use a neat little tool such as The added advantage in using this tool is that it records statistics on how many times your link was forwarded/tweeted or clicked.  Either just go direct to and read all instructions or read about how to use it in this step by step handout I created.

September 7, 2010 |

Multi Website Startup with Internet Explorer

Like me you probably have a bit of a routine when it comes to browsing the Internet. I go to the same sites most days to check out news, gossip and various blogs.  And  this Internet Explorer 8 trick appeals makes this very easy. Follow these steps so that when you start Internet Explorer 8, all of your ‘pet’ websites  come up in their own tabs!

  1. Open Internet Explorer 8
  2. Tools Menu.
  3. Choose Internet Options.Make sure the General tab is selected
  4. Under Home Page type in the addresses of the sites you want to open up when you start IE, separating each one with an enter.
  5. click ok when finished and then close Internet Explorer. 

The next time you open IE, each chosen website is automatically opened in a new tab – how good is that!

February 20, 2010 |

Future of the Internet: new Pew Report

The Pew Internet and Life Project latest research report  The Future of the Internet IV is now available.According to the report (which interviewed 900 Internet stakeholders), a decade from now using search tools such as Google won’t make users stupid or lazy; instead it will make people literate in what they term is a different kind of way.As well, many experts they interviewed for the report say that protecting  individual anonymity will be even more difficult to achieve (gee, no surprise on that finding!!)