August 25, 2020 |

Why not study during Lockdown?

As many people would know, here in Melbourne we are in a 6 week Lockdown period to battle COVID.  This leaves many of us with time on our hands – me included, so I have decided to do some extra study in my field of IT, Training and Change.  I have chosen Charles Sturt University for three fantastic short courses that form part of the Master in IT. Not only are they free, but they come with exams (one go only in a time limit!!) to make sure you are paying attention :-).

I have now completed the Digital Marketing, Introductory Certificate in Business Analysis and Communications in the Digital Era. They have been excellent courses and kudos to Charles Sturt for making these available!

Digital Marketing Cert

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June 21, 2012 |

Changing Font Size in Apple iPhone 4/s

I was sick of constantly having to put on my glasses each time I wanted to use my iPhone,  which prompted me to go and have a look for a way to make the fonts bigger.

Of course you can do it – and it is super easy:

  1. Settings
  2. General
  3. Accessibility
  4. Large Text
  5. Select the size you like (I chose 20 point, not too big and not too small – for me :-) )

February 13, 2010 |

5 steps to more effective employee engagement

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November 11, 2009 |

Internet and Social Isolation

 The Pew Internet and American Life project (who as you may notice I do tend to favour for research, they do a sterling job of always publishing new data), have just come out with another report which debunks the theory that people become isolated from face to face interactions as  result of spending time online: (to which my son- if reading this-  will say ‘I told you so’, as I have spent years telling him he spends too much time in his room in front of the PC!!)

This Pew Internet Personal Networks and Community survey finds that Americans are not as isolated as has been previously reported. People’s use of the mobile phone and the internet is associated with larger and more diverse discussion networks. And, when we examine people’s full personal network – their strong and weak ties – internet use in general and use of social networking services such as Facebook in particular are associated with more diverse social networks.Here the link to their full report.