Easy way to install and use Emotions on your iPhone

Emjoi is the Japanese term for picture characters or emoticons.  Up until the latest Apple software upgrade (iOS 5), these could only be used if the Emjoi app was purchased, however now you can get the Emjoi characters on your iPhone or iPad  by enabling the Emjoi keyboard and happily include them in text messages.

***Note the fact that there are multiple keyboards available means that if you type in a different language (say German or Czech for me), then you can also add in different language keyboards using these same notes – just select your language instead of choosing Emjoi).

To  activate your Emoji keyboard on your device (e.g. iPhone):

1.  Choose the Settings icon.





2.  Under the third section, select General, followed by Keyboard.

3.  Next select International Keyboards.


4.  To enable Emoji on your device, tap Add New Keyboard. Scroll down approximately half-way and tap Emoji .


5.  Press the Home button when finished.

Use the Emjoi Keyboard

  1. Create a new text message.
  2. You should now notice an International Keyboard button in the bottom left hand corner of your keyboard. This will allow you to toggle between your default keyboard and your Emoji keyboard.

Note: all Emoji are sorted by category which are those buttons at the bottom. As you can see, each category has multiple pages, so all in all you have 25 pages of Emoji.

Note:  you can only use them between iOS (e.g. iPhone to iPhone) devices. If you send a message with Emoji to someone who doesn’t read it on an iPhone or iPad, this person won’t be able to see the icons.

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