The Highlighter Tool in Word

The highlighter tool in Microsoft Word works as a Stabilo Boss highlighter might work on paper…it highlights stuff.

msw_highlighter_toolYou activate it by clicking the tool and then dragging over areas you wish to highlight in a document.If you don’t want to remove it but have occasion to hide the highlight (for example when printing the document),  here is how to do it:

  1. To either view or hide the highlighting we need to go to the Options dialog box  by clicking Office Button inV2007 or the  File tab, Options for V2010.
  2. Select the Display category.
  3. Uncheck the “Show highlighter marks” choice (and if it was off this would turn it on).
  4. This one option controls both the screen and printing simultaneously so don’t worry about which one is affected by your choice… the answer is both.
  5. Click OK. The highlighting is hidden but still exists.  You repeat the steps to view it again.

msw_show_hide_highlighting .

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