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I always struggle with my email inbox and have to admit I am a hoarder of emails and have heaps of folders.  A suggestion in the New York Times – really quite simple too – was just set up a folder and call it archive and then stick everything you don’t want to get rid of but don’t really need to have sitting in your Inbox, into that folder and try to work with an Inbox that is current.  It isn’t rocket science, but it is a good idea.Here’s an except from Farhad Majoo’s article and the full link follows below:CLEAR OUT YOUR IN-BOX Set aside an hour or two to respond to every important message that has dogged you in the last couple months (anything older than that is too ancient to bother with). Next, move everything else into a new folder called Archive — this will be your storehouse of old mail.Your in-box should now be empty. Think of this as its optimal state — your goal, from now on, will be to keep this space as pristine as possible, either empty or nearly so. To realize that goal, live by this precept: Whenever you receive a new message, do something with it. Don’t read your e-mail and then just let it sit there — that’s a recipe for chaos.Full article: An Empty In-Box, or With Just a Few E-Mail Messages?

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