The Virtual Help Desk

Do you have a small or large problem in a Microsoft Office program that you can’t solve, need an answer for where to find something, how to use a function or need someone to actually look over your document and work out what the problem is?

Then try our virtual help desk service. This is how it works:

1)  Send an email me with a description of what you are after.

2) The request will be quoted and if agreeable the client  pays a fee based on one of the 3 scales below.

3) After the payment is received we go ahead and fulfill your request.

4) The answer or suggested solution is emailed back to you in an email if it is a short answer and  or if a longer response with step by step instructions and screen dumps is required this will be send as an attached Word endowment.

Microsoft Office programs we can help you with:  Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher. Versions 2003, 2007, 2010.

Fee Structure

Category 1: anything we can answer in a small paragraph or up to 4 bullet points.  This will be returned in the body of an email. Cost A$20.

Category 2: more complex questions that require a fuller explanation, e.g. more than  one page of notes and screen pictures. This will be returned in a Word document. Cost A$40.

Category 3: this is aimed at more complex tasks, for example  documentation or files you are working on which require specialised help to achieve your outcomes: this might be formula construction in Excel or specific formatting in Word with styles or outlines.  In these situations you would be required to send us the file and a full and detailed explanation of what you are after. The job would be quoted, a deposit 50% required and then the work will be commence. Cost per hour A$80.


Category 1 and 2 will be answered and returned to you within 24 hours at the latest (all depends on when you make the request).

Category 3, we will advise at the time of taking the work.

Tip: why not search the blog first and see if you can find what you are after there?


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