September 16, 2015 |

5 Traits of Memorable People


I just read an interesting blog post  on the Seek website identifies the following traits that can make you  memorable person. While aimed at the workplace, they are equally applicable in life overall.

These traits are summarised as follows and you can read the full article here:

  • Being confident but not arrogant
  • Having passion
  • Being proactive
  • Great communication skills.

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September 29, 2009 |

How do you primarily collaborate in the workplace?

 A quickpoll I did a few days ago at Smart Planet showed probably unsurprising results:

  •  Phone, e-mail and instant messaging. 50.2%
  • Face-to-face. 36.3%
  • Video conferencing. 7.4%
  • Online collaboration tools (cloud apps; wikis; dropboxes). 6.0%

 I know I should pick up the phone more often than I do, but I guess like most people I find more expedient to dash off a quick message. One company I work for has put in Microsoft Communicator, complete with webcams and voice, but my observation is that the users choose the IM facility above the other ways of communicating.  I think IM and email is so popular because people are excused from social chit chat and  niceties and are able to communicate what they need and move on.