April 15, 2010 |

Computer Games

Well hot on the news that a 14 year old Russian boy beat his dad to death with a sledgehammer because he’d been banned from playing computer games (Boy kills dad with Sledgehammer);  there is a move afoot to gather signatures to create an R-rating for certain  computer games in Australia. Over 41,000 gamers petition attorneys-general for R18+ rating.Currently games are rated 15+, but as any parent of a teenager will tell you, that is like a stamp of approval that the game will be worth having. 

February 7, 2010 |

Top 20 Most Common Passwords

Read the full article at Smart Planet, however in a nutshell the top 20 includes:Princess, qwerty, password, iloveyou and 123456.Good online security is paramount, particularly if you do any online banking or are buying from websites.  At the most basic you should be using a mix of upper and lowercase, plus numbers and special characters such as ! @ #$^&*,;” – and 8 characters long.