September 21, 2014 |

Timberlink and Office 365

I’m pleased to say we have a new client – Timberlink Australia – and Kevin is doing their training in Microsoft Office 365 at Knoxfield, Mt Gambier and at various sites in Tasmania.  Not everyone is familiar with this version of MS Office, so here’s a quick 101 below:

Office 365 is the same ‘Office’ you already know and use every day, but gives you access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook through the Internet, using a method known as cloud computing. Because Office 365 is powered by the cloud, you can utilise your applications and files from virtually anywhere. The cloud is an industry term for remote or off-site hosting which occurs over the Internet. You use it by connecting via the Internet, setting up an account and paying for the service. There are no actual installation discs. At the time of writing Office 365 Personal, which is compatible with PCs or Macs plus one iPad or Windows tablet costs A$89 for a one year subscription and this includes all updates.

Office 365 can run offline, but you must connect to the internet every 30 days to maintain your subscription and you will be prompted when it is time to reconnect.

It is worth noting that Office 365 files are compatible with Office 20103 and 2013 and while Office 2007 will work, you will lose some functionality.

Go to and type Office 365 in the search box for more information and to verify current prices.


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