January 22, 2016 |

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Some oldies but goodies for any version of Windows are:

CTRL& Shift& Esc keys will open your Task Manager

Windows key & E opens the File Explorer

Windows key and M minimises all open windows.

Ctrl key and L locks Windows.

The windows key looks like this:windows key

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September 23, 2012 |

Keyboard Quickies for Creating Lines in Word



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October 12, 2011 |

The Best of MS Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

Thank you to Barb for this great compilation of Microsoft Outlook keyboard shortcuts – good for V2007 and V2010. Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

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May 20, 2011 |

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve been been putting these up randomly on my FB page, but now I think it is time to make a proper list of them! Not everybody *loves* using the keyboard, but sometimes it is just quicker to leave your hands on the keyboard rather than groping around for the mouse – and you never know the day might come when yours gives up and there isn’t a spare one handy!

  1. F4 – Displays a list of addresses you’ve previously typed

  2. F5 – Refresh or reload the current page

  3. Ctrl and +(plus sign) – Zoom in a webpage

  4. Ctrl  and  – (minus sign) – Zoom out in a webpage

  5. Ctrl + O–  Open a webpage

  6. Ctrl + S – Save a web page for offline viewing

  7. Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Move back through tabs

  8. Ctrl + Tab – Move forward through tabs.

  9. Ctrl + T – Opens a new browser tab

  10. Ctrl +W – Closes the current browser tab.

  11. Ctrl + K – Copies the current browser tab and opens it

  12. Ctrl + N – Open a new Internet Explorer window.

  13. Ctrl+Shift+P –Open an InPrivate Browsing window 

  14.  Ctrl+B – Open the Organize Favorites dialog box 

  15.  Ctrl+H – Open the Favorites Center and display your history

  16. Ctrl+Shift+Del- Delete browsing history

June 10, 2010 |

Straight to Caps in Word

Our friend Shift + F3: This keyboard combination takes the highlighted text and rotates it between the Title Case of lowercase and UPPERCASE letters.

But, what if just want to jump straight to UPPERCASE?

Well, hold down the Ctrl and Shift  keys and then press  A = Ctrl + Shift + A.

To change a single word, simply put the cursor in the word and do this, for multiple words select them first.