January 10, 2013 |

Forward Slash/Back Slash, all is Revealed!

Forward/ Slash\Backslash

There’s a whole lot of slashing going on, but which way is which and does it matter? Well, yes it does…

Forward slash is this /, and backslash is this \.

Forward slashes tell your computer you’re looking for something external to your system, like web pages e.g. www.angelalewis.com.au/blog.

Backslashes tell your computer you’re looking for something inside your system, like a drive or a file, e.g. C:\Programs\MSoffice\Word\letters.


February 18, 2011 |

6 Technology Tips for the Home-Based Consultant

The Australian Institute of Training and Development publish a quarterly journal and I am a regular contributor.  Here’s the link to my article in the latest edition out today: Six technology tips for the home-based consultant in TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT AUSTRALIA, February 2011, vol 38, no.1.