September 29, 2009 |

How do you primarily collaborate in the workplace?

 A quickpoll I did a few days ago at Smart Planet showed probably unsurprising results:

  •  Phone, e-mail and instant messaging. 50.2%
  • Face-to-face. 36.3%
  • Video conferencing. 7.4%
  • Online collaboration tools (cloud apps; wikis; dropboxes). 6.0%

 I know I should pick up the phone more often than I do, but I guess like most people I find more expedient to dash off a quick message. One company I work for has put in Microsoft Communicator, complete with webcams and voice, but my observation is that the users choose the IM facility above the other ways of communicating.  I think IM and email is so popular because people are excused from social chit chat and  niceties and are able to communicate what they need and move on.