January 4, 2016 |

Sensitively Dealing with Facebook Friend Requests

Most of us are probably now using Facebook in some shape or form as people young and old have embraced it as a way to keep in touch and share their lives. However there are times when you may receive a friend request from someone who you don’t consider a friend as such (for example a work colleague), and therefore don’t feel comfortable giving them access to all aspects of your private life, photos or activities.  This can be further complicated if you feel that refusing the friend request may also not be the right thing either as you do not wish to cause hurt or offence.

I have a simple suggestion: accept the friend request and then go straight to your friend list in Facebook and to the right of each person’s name you will see a button marked ‘Friend’.  Click that button and change it to Acquaintance.  This means when you next post anything to Facebook you can click the Friends button and select Friends except Acquaintances, which means that anyone marked as an Acquaintance will not see that particular post. Note that it stays on this choice until you change it again.  You can create Custom Lists of friends in the same way.






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