Change Management

Angela is a highly skilled, professional and adept Change Manager. She mixes sophisticated strategic ability, wide ranging enterprise knowledge, exceptional stakeholder management with ‘hands on’ pragmatic effort to deliver change and learning objectives on time every time.

Angela’s commitment, flair, proven capacity for delivery and experience make her the consummate change professional. She delivers change seamlessly into very complex environments and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Sarah Jenkins, Project Manager, Lumo Energy 2014

While change per se is a part of daily life, Change Management specifically refers to how an organisation manages arriving at its future or desired state, and more specifically, the techniques required to manage the ‘people side’ of business change.

In most cases this is not something that will happen of its own accord and requires skill and understanding of the process, including:

  • An understanding of how technology is adopted.
  • A sound understanding of how adults learn and deal with change.
  • Effective leadership.
  • Facilitation of good communication channels.

It can be a complex task in large organisations, and requiring a person with technical, organisational, communication skills, and a broad understanding of human behaviour.

20 years of participating in rollouts of new IT systems and implementation of new processes in organisations large and small, has taught me that the most critical driver of success, is the incorporation of strategies to ensure that the needs of the people affected by the change are a priority. I can help you by providing a change management team leader or champion, for the duration of your change project. I am an accredited Change Management Practitioner (APMG UK) , so please discuss your requirements directly with me:

Angela Lewis’ demonstrated dedication, passion, knowledge and attention to detail were key ingredients contributing to Lumo Energy’s Communication as a Service (CaaS) project being completed on-time and easily adopted by users at all levels of the organization.

Angela’s pragmatic approach, knowledge, attention to detail and organizational awareness to manage communications, cultural change and training were all key success factors. The combination of the these attributes provided users the knowledge and hands on training to effectively transition to the CaaS system within the first few hours resulting in minimal impact to Business Operations.

I look forward to working with Angela in the future and recommend her for anyone requiring a knowledgeable, practical individual for Organisational Change, Communication or Training.

Reference from Alan Norton, Project Manager, Lumo Energy 2014

Course Material and Curriculum Writing

Do you need a course written to suit your company’s specific training needs? We are highly skilled at creating training materials and curriculum for diverse training markets, including customisation to audience and industry.

Custom Access Database Creation

We can provide database design services in Microsoft Access. This might be on a ‘start to finish basis’, by working with your organisation to create a database that satisfies your specific needsIf you don’t need a database written from scratch, we can help you improve one you already use, spending time with your organisation to enhance your existing database by helping staff to write queries and design reports. Prices on application based on requirements.

Project Management

Not only do we provide Microsoft Project training, but our Project experts can help you structure your own project plans on an individual basis or simply perform the task  for you.

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