May 26, 2021 |

Flash Indicator for iPhone Alerts

For Apple iPhone 6 and higher you can set your phone to light up and flash when you receive a call, even when it is on silent – here’s how:
1. Tap Settings.
2. Tap Accessibility.
3. Scroll down a bit and find Audio/Visual.
4. Scroll some more then select Switch LED Flash for Alerts (e.g. the device will ring and flash simultaneously).
5. Also select LED Flash on Silent if you want the device will to flash when  the ringer is set to silent.
flash on silent
Here’s my tip on doing this – if your phone is on silent and is face down the camera flash on the back is very bright and some might find this as intrusive as the phone ringing – if you have it face up you can still see it flashing, but it is not as bright and obvious as having it face-down, when the camera flash is completely exposed.

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