The Unrollme App for unsubscribing from mailing lists

I recently came across app  called Unrollme,  which helps manage subscription emails and facilitates unsubscribing from mailing lists you are no longer interested in or forgot subscribing to (that’s me!).


This app will also roll up all subscription emails so you get them all in one daily email or as digest.


Of course please do your own due diligence, as for this to work you need to give the app permission to read, send, delete and manage your email. I tried it on my Google account and it worked a treat, but I wasn’t comfortable giving the app those privileges on my primary account – much as I’d like to get rid of the pesky subscription emails!


Find it at https://unrollme or do a Google search for it and read some reviews.


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| February 8th, 2018 | Posted in Apps |

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