Google Chrome Handy Hints

As many of us are now using Google Chrome , here’s a handful of hints that may be useful when using this internet browser:google chormeTip 1: Quickly open closed tabs
If you have closed one of your tabs (e.g. containing a website you have a visited) and then need to get back their quick, simply hold down the Ctrl & Shift keys and then press the letter T.
– Voila, the last closed tab re-opens!

Repeat the keystroke to re-open other tabs in the order they were closed.

Tip 2: New searches, new tabs
Try pressing Alt-Enter after you type a search term or URL into the Chrome search bar – that’ll cause your results to open in a new tab instead of in your current tab.

Tip 3: Easily moving around web pages
You may already know that pressing the spacebar will scroll down one screen length on any web page… but did you know that pressing the Shift key and spacebar together will scroll up in the same manner? Works in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer!


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