Refresher on Naming Microsoft Files


These rules apply to documents you create in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, for versions of Microsoft 2003 and later.

  • Your document can only contain 256 characters (which is a lot!)
  • Your document name may contain spaces (e.g. Letter to Bill)
  • Document names are not case-sensitive (you can use upper or lowercase).
  • Your document cannot contain any of these characters in the title: / \ > < *. ? ” |( so for example this means you couldn’t type a date in this format 2/12/14).
  • You cannot have more than one file of any name in a folder, i.e. Letter to Bill cannot be saved twice in a folder you might have named ‘correspondence’. If you need to save it twice, you have to name it something else. If you want to have multiple versions of the same letter, you might consider naming them Letter to Bill 1, Letter to Bill 2, Letter to Bill 3, etc.

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