Birthday Reminders in Microsoft Outlook

Why not pop all your birthday and anniversary dates into the Outlook Calendar, that way you will see them coming up in your To Do Bar and hopefully have enough time to organise that card, gift or phone call!

(While you could do this via the the Contacts window  I  always go for the quickest and easiest way, which is directly into the Calendar).

These notes are applicable to Outlook V2007 and V2010.

  1. In Microsoft Outlook click the Calendar button to switch into calendar view.
  2. Right the date the birthday/anniversary falls on.
  3. From the choices that pop out, left click on New Recurring Event.
  4. In the Recurrence pattern, select Yearly and check that no end date is also selected, then click OK.
  5. Use the subject line to fill your loved ones details, e.g. ‘Mum’s Birthday’.
  6. Click Save and Close.

To make sure you leave enough time to buy your gift and/or card, you could also set yourself a reminder:

  1. Locate the first occurrence of the event and open it.
  2. Double click the event name (e.g. Mum’s Birthday) and select Open Series from the dialog window that opens.
  3. Select the Reminder check box on the Ribbon and specify how far in advance you wish to be reminded.
  4. Click Save and Close when finished.


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