Book Review: Employee’s Survival Guide to Change

My book review of Employees’s Survival Guide to Change as it appears in:  Training and Development Journal, August 2012, Vol 29, No.4.

Author: Jeffrey M. Hiatt (2004) Prosci Research, $14.95 pages 102

Ask any therapist and they will tell you that change (good or bad) is one of the largest stressors humans experience. This small but highly useful text is intended as a guidebook for employees facing change. However it is an equally valuable resource for those who must manage a change initiative, helping them to understand how employees can survive and thrive when an organisation undertakes a change.

The book begins with a ‘frequently asked questions’ section about change, addressing areas such as why a change might be happening, the risks of not changing and the benefits of supporting a change. It then moves onto using the Prosci ADKAR (awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, reinforcement) model to illustrate how employees can create a successful action plan to address a change occurring in their workplace, providing worksheets and checklists to help achieve this. It finishes with a section specifically addressing employees joining a change management team, which is based on Prosci research that has identified the dos and don’ts for teams during their change management projects. The beauty of this book lies in its simple but powerful messages, making it accessible and relevant to anyone encountering change.




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2 Comments on “Book Review: Employee’s Survival Guide to Change”

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    August 31, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    Change Management is a funny thing – really, how long is a piece of string is about the closest most people get to to how they manage to define it. It is so many different things to different people. I notice you are a certified Change Management Practitioner – in fact the only reason I paid any attention to your book review, because it seems every man and his unqualified dog likes to stick that on his resume – at lest you know what you are talking about!!


  2. 2
    October 4, 2012 at 1:03 am

    change at times can give nightmares to anyone, but at times, when we are able to cope up with it, it even becomes the best thing that is ever happened to us. This book tends to be an answer to the queries which one might have and how one can manage change. A must read!

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