Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve been been putting these up randomly on my FB page, but now I think it is time to make a proper list of them! Not everybody *loves* using the keyboard, but sometimes it is just quicker to leave your hands on the keyboard rather than groping around for the mouse – and you never know the day might come when yours gives up and there isn’t a spare one handy!

  1. F4 – Displays a list of addresses you’ve previously typed

  2. F5 – Refresh or reload the current page

  3. Ctrl and +(plus sign) – Zoom in a webpage

  4. Ctrl  and  – (minus sign) – Zoom out in a webpage

  5. Ctrl + O–  Open a webpage

  6. Ctrl + S – Save a web page for offline viewing

  7. Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Move back through tabs

  8. Ctrl + Tab – Move forward through tabs.

  9. Ctrl + T – Opens a new browser tab

  10. Ctrl +W – Closes the current browser tab.

  11. Ctrl + K – Copies the current browser tab and opens it

  12. Ctrl + N – Open a new Internet Explorer window.

  13. Ctrl+Shift+P –Open an InPrivate Browsing window 

  14.  Ctrl+B – Open the Organize Favorites dialog box 

  15.  Ctrl+H – Open the Favorites Center and display your history

  16. Ctrl+Shift+Del- Delete browsing history

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